What we do

Atlassian related

Do you need someone who can manage your Jira cloud instance. You have come to the right place!

  • guidance and support for your existing Atlassian admin(s)
  • have us step in as admins and relieve you from those tasks and you can focus on the core business
  • implement specific process support in Jira
  • discuss the overall setup and how it can be developed
  • help in discussions with Atlassian
  • training/coaching of your users or admins

Collaboration & remote work

Do you want to dive into productivity mindsets? Perhaps with a Okaloa workflow session (physically in your office or digitally/remote). Or do you want to host an in-house Collaboration Superpowers workshop. Are you challenged with the new ways of working in hybrid mode and need some guidance?

Building a team

Are you building a team and need some inspiration or help with it. Please let us know!