PUM – Susanne Harelius

Personal User Manual

  • I live in Stockholm, Sweden
  • I mostly work somewhere between 8 and 17CE(S)T
  • I sometimes check work-related communications during weekends and holidays

Current focus word = Brave

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Born 1974, in Dals-Ed, Sweden

Family of husband, 2 children (2007, 2009) and 1 dog.

Communication preferences
  • I love chat.
  • I check emails every day.
  • I have no pings or alerts on my devices. I check when I want to. If you really have an URGENT need for me – call me.
Personal values

I am curious by nature. I love learning from others. I have also had curious as a focus word during 2021.

I believe in being kind.

I like the feeling of relatedness when working. I care about people I work with.

I believe in trust, openness and transparency.

I like to be organized.

  • Swedish is my native language
  • English fluently (has been my work language for years)
  • French & Spanish I can understand some when reading
  • (I studied Swahili at university but that is 25 years ago…)
What gives me energy at work
  • Collaboration
  • Contributing to the bigger picture
  • Connecting people
  • Implementing process support in Jira
  • See people stepping up, taking initiatives and get things done!
What drains me at work
  • When people do not listen/act when raising important topics
  • When people do not take responsibility, or does not communicate about why.